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  • After you've cooked a big hardy meal, you're left with the mess.
  • Sticky, greasy pans, baking dishes with little burnt pieces stuck in the corners, and plates with leftover sauces and cheese.
  • In order to get the mess cleaned up, you need a little help.
  • Get those sticky messes unstuck with the Thumb Scraper from Prepara!
  • The thumb scraper, which comes in a set of two, is made with incredibly durable, long-lasting plastic in a stylish, modern black and green finish.
  • This plastic is also entirely BPA-free, so you know it's safe for you and the whole family.
  • These scrapers are easy to use- simply use your thumb to shove the scraper under something sticky, and the mess will quickly be scraped away!
  • The Prepara Thumb Scraper isn't just good for cleaning up food, either. It's also great for scraping up wax and those stubborn stickers!
  • And when you're done cleaning up the sticky gunk, cleaning the scrapers is easy because they're dishwasher safe.