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  • Give your guests the best experience with Oggi's set of 2 Double Wall Insulated Martini Glasses. These elegant martini glasses will help to set the perfect tone for any gathering.
  • Made from crystal clear borosilicate glass each Oggi double wall martini glass is hand blown to ensure the highest quality and most durable performance. 
  • When hosting a party or event, you will impress guests with the stunning visual effect of beverages such as martinis and cocktails appearing to be suspended inside. 
  • The insulation provided by the double walls of glass ensures that drinks stay cooler for longer even when outdoors or while being held by warm hands. In addition, condensation will not build up on the exterior of the glassware, further enhancing the drinking experience by preventing wet and slippery hands and surfaces.
  • Each of these double wall insulated martini glasses has a capacity of 10 ounces or 300 milliliters and Oggi's martini glasses make the ideal glass design to showcase the ultimate ice-cold martini.
  • The wide mouth will allow aromas to blossom, for popular cocktails such as the Manhattan, Daiquiri and Cosmopolitan and they are also suitable for wine, whiskey, bourbon, spirits, liqueurs, mixers, cocktails, juices, and water.
  • Whatever your planned use, you will be delighted with the performance of these double wall martini glasses, with their elegant stemless design they add a touch of class to any occasion.
  • The drinking experience is unrivalled as each Oggi double wall bar glass is hand blown from crystal clear borosilicate glass to ensure the highest quality.
  • Beautifully gift boxed in a set of 2, Oggi's Double Wall Insulated Martini Glasses make a perfect and premium gift for the cocktail lover and entertainer in your life. Cheers!