$49.99 USD
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  • This beautiful knife bar offers a sleek, seamless approach to knife storage that will leave your countertops free.
  • Crafted from American walnut wood and given a protective finish that easily wipes clean.
  • Super strong neodymium magnets are encased completely in the wood so knife blades will not get scratched.
  • Designed specifically to hold 5 to 7 kitchen knives firmly you can now keep your favorite tools within easy reach. The knife bar can be easily mounted to the wall with the included screws.
  • Rustic solid walnut wood with unique grain between each piece
  • Continuous N52 strong industrial-level magnetic field that will hold your knives, tools, or other ferromagnetic objects securely
  • Easy installation on drywall and cabinets, metal screws/parts included
  • Iron burn logo and Thomas Keller Signature work with Cangshan knives tastefully
  • Size: 18-inch Length x 2-inch Width x 0.8-inch Thickness