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  • Imagine you just mixed your top-shelf, magnificent margarita-on-the-rocks recipe to take to a get-together.
  • Now imagine it tasting like water by the time you arrive. Not cool (literally and figuratively).
  • This 2 liter (66 ounce) stainless steel, copper-lined, vacuum-insulated, double-walled pitcher will keep your masterpiece mixology chilled to perfection from creation to transport to party time.
  • In case you were wondering - it also keeps hot things hot.
  • That same technology keeps the pitcher from sweating. So, your lap stays dry, your table stays dry, and it isn't slippery to carry.
  • The last thing we'll brag about is the silicone-sealed lid - it prevents spills during transport (again, keeping your lap - and everything else - dry).
  • Measures 5in X 9in
  • Hand wash recommended.
  • Not microwave safe.
  • Not oven/stove safe.