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  • Cut your pizza with traditional flare using the mezzaluna-style Pizza Cutter from Fox Run.
  • The 13in pizza cutter is made from carbon stainless steel with walnut handles and a .65in thick blade.
  • Designed to cut through pizzas from a thick to a thin crust with ease, this mezzaluna cutter makes cutting perfectly even sizes of pizza for the whole family simple as pie!
  • For added safety, the pizza cutter comes with its own polycarbonate edge protector.
  • Grab up the beautifully designed mezzaluna today and make your next pizza night that much simpler!
  • Mezzaluna-style Pizza Cutter allows you to cut more even slices
  • 13" high carbon stainless steel
  • Walnut wood handles
  • Includes edge protector for additional safety
  • Made in China