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  • Why did the mushroom get Invited to the party? Because he is a fungi!
  • A few drops of water and the Full Circle Super-Soft nylon bristles are all you need to gently clean your favorite mushrooms.
  • The handy scoop removes gills (and the dirt & bugs that may be lurking). he's tough enough for portability, but has a sensitive side for chanterelles.
  • He's your go to Guy, with a little bit of funk. The brush is constructed from bamboo and recycled plastic which are and super durable!
  • It looks great on your counter and stands on it's end for quick drying. The bamboo is finished with natural oils to withstand water. Bamboo handle + recycled plastic bristles = entirely
  • Basically, it's as easy on the earth as the vegetables you clean with it. (You are buying organic, right?) the vegetables you eat come from the earth, shouldn't your mushroom scrub brush?
  • BPA Free
  • 1.97in L x 1.77in W x 3.74in H