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  • Enjoy baking cookies or rolling out your own pizza dough with the family. Then bring some ease to your baking with this White Marble Rolling Pin.
  • The rolling pin is 10 in. long, has nylon ball bearings for a smooth rolling, wooden handles for easy grip, and a wooden base for rest.
  • The marble helps keep the dough cool while rolling, and its natural non-stick properties keep dough from clinging.
  • Even the toughest doughs are flattened easily and effortlessly. Let the smoothness and heft of this rolling pin do the hard work for you.
  • 10 in. long barrel, 18 in. total length with handles
  • Made of 100% marble - a natural elegant stone with unique patterns and colorations due to natural variations in the marble, color may differ slightly from the images
  • Cool and smooth surface with natural non-stick properties
  • Includes comfortable wood handles and resting base
  • Features nylon ball bearings for very smooth rolling