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  • Luxury Foghat Culinary Smoking Fuel - Maple Myst is a floral symphony of aged maple wood, vanillan and flower petals.
  • This mild and slightly sweet flavor lends itself well to spirits both neat and on the rocks. For food, poultry, small game birds, vegetables and cheeses will come alive with Maple Myst.
  • Our wood chip luxury smoking fuel is hand crafted from woods, herbs, spices, flowers and teas meticulously designed to complement the most exotic of taste.
  • Our woods are air dried for 18 to 24 months or kiln dried to 8% humidity, then shaved to a fine rolled leaf or flake, the optimal composition for the extraction of culinary flavor for smoke infusions.
  • A final light toasting is performed to optimize the flavor extraction from the wood.
  • These epicurean smoke profiles were developed in conjunction with the finest chefs and bartenders throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.
  • Our smoking fuel is a gourmet confection of woods, herbs, spices and teas meticulously designed to complement the most exotic of taste.
  • Hidden in these fibers are flavors ready to be enkindled, unleashing a savory barrage of exquisite delight, guaranteed to excite your pallet and a vision to behold. IGNITE THE SENSES!
  • Maple Myst will pair with spirits, wine, beer, cheese, meats, nuts, dried fruit and more.
  • No chemicals or preservatives of any kind are added to our smoking fuel. These all natural wood cocktails make the perfect combination of savory flavor for both the professional, connoisseur, and casual chef or bartender.
  • Foghat Culinary Smoking Fuel can be used with any portable smoking gun, hand-held smoke infuser, smoker box or the Foghat Cocktail Smoker.
  • See our complete line of Top Shelf and Luxury Culinary Smoking Fuels and experience the tastes of food and spirits in ways never before imaginable.
  • Size: 4 Ounce Tin