Thanksgiving Checklist

Prep Tools:

Vegetable Peeler

Olivelle Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, Seasonings & Salts

Our Picks:

Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil (Available for purchase in store only)

Ginger Barrel Aged White Balsamic Vinegar (Available for purchase in store only)

Rosemary Sea Salt, Smokey Bacon Sea Salt, or Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

Chef Knife 

Our Pick: Zwilling Pro 7" Slim Chef Knife - now $79.99


Our Pick: Dreamfarm 12" Clongs - Now $34.99

Also Available: Dreamfarm 9" Clongs - Now $29.99

Measuring Cups & Spoons 

Potato Ricer/Masher

Our Pick: OXO Potato Ricer - Now $49.99

Gravy Separator

Our Pick: Fox Run Glass Gravy Separator - Now $49.99


Our Pick: Parma Plus 2.9 Quart Saucepan with Lid - Now $59.99

Baking Dishes

Our Pick: Staub 4-Piece Ceramic Mixed Baking Dish Set - Normally $314.99, Now Only $99.99! 

Dutch Oven

Our Pick: Staub 5 Quart Tall Cocotte - Now $149.99

The Turkey:

Roasting Pan

Roasting Rack

Our Picks: HIC Pro V Non-Stick Roasting Rack - Now $16.99

HIC Adjustable Chrome Roasting Rack - Now $11.99

Turkey Lifters

Our Pick: RSVP Turkey Lifters - Now $22.99

Leg Frills 

Our Pick: Regency Turkey Frills - Now $7.99

Turkey Baster or a Flavor Injector

Our Picks: OXO Flavor Injector - Now $22.99

OXO Angled Baster with Cleaner - Now $14.99

Lacers & String or Kitchen Twine

Our Pick: Mrs. Anderson's 200 Feet Kitchen Twine - Now $4.99

Instant Read Thermometer

Our Pick: Dual Sense Probe Thermometer & Timer - Now $49.99

Carving Knife 

Our Pick: Cuisinart Electric Knife - Now $49.99

Carving Board

Our Pick: JK Adams Turnabout Board - Now $129.99

The Pie & Other Baked Goods:

Pie Plate

Our Pick: 9.5" Glass Pie Plate - Now $7.99

Pie Shield

Rolling Pin

Our Pick: 17" Straight Bakers Rolling Pin - Now $16.99

Mixing Bowls

Our Pick: OXO 5 Quart Mixing Bowl - Now $18.99

Pie Bird

Baking Sheet

Silicone Baking Mat

Our Pick: Silpat Half Size Baking Mat - Now $29.99

Cooling Rack

Our Pick: Nordic Ware 13" Round Cooling Rack in Copper - Now $19.99

Pie Server

Tabletop Essentials:

Gravy Boat

Serving Utensils


Our Pick: Served Insulated Pitcher in Strawberry - Now $79.99

Wine Decanter

Our Pick: THAT! Trios Wine Decanter & Tea Infuser - now $59.99

Wine Glasses

Our Pick: Riedel Varietal Wine Glasses - Wine Glasses Designed for Specific Wines, Prices Vary

Double Wall Glassware



Our Pick: Oeno Cork Trivet - Now $3.99

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