Beyond Paella: 3 Other Uses for Your Magefesa "Paella" Pan

Sure, it's called a "paella" pan, but don't limit this pan to just one dish! Think outside of the box when re-thinking on how to your Paella Pan, after all, it's an amazingly made carbon steel piece of cookware. There's no reason it can't be used on a weekly to bi-weekly basis! Interested in learning how? Read our 3 ideas below. 


1. Breakfast Griddle

You read that right! Whip up your eggs, sausage, bacon, and pancakes all in your paella pan! Better yet, use it as a vessel for "Eggs in Purgatory" or a Breakfast Hash.

2. For Stir Fry

Because both pans are likely made of carbon steel, you'll get a similar effect as using a carbon steel wok as your carbon steel paella pan. Just trust us, no crazy wok tosses here.

3. Campfire Cooking

Paella is cooked over an open flame, so do the same with all of your other campfire favorites! **NOTE: Make sure your paella pan is properly balanced or your meal might end up on the ground**


Paella Pan Size Guide:

3 to 5 servings: 13.5-inch pan
5 to 7 servings: 15-inch pan
7 to 10 servings: 17-inch pan
8 to 12 servings: 18-inch pan
12 to 15 servings: 24-inch pan

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