5 Reasons to Invest in an Ankarsrum Assistent

If you haven't heard of the Ankarsrum, you might be missing out! The Ankarsrum assistent is so much more than a stand mixer, it's a kitchen machine! For beginner and expert bakers alike, your Ankarsrum is multi-functional, easy to use, handmade AND handtested! 

5 Reasons to Invest in an Ankarsrum:

Reason 1: Ankarsrum has a better, more efficient kneading process.

The unique technique of the Ankarsrum Assistent is what sets it apart from the rest of the stand mixers on the market. The rotating bowl paired with the dough roller or hook gives a unique and highly appreciated method of working your dough.

Reason 2: Perfect for Big and Small Batches

The Ankarsrum Assistent can hold a high capacity of dough. The Stainless Steel Bowl can hold 7 liters (7.4 quarts) or up to 5kg (about 11 lbs) of dough!

5kg (11lbs) of dough = 6 big loaves of bread, or 150-200 cinnamon rolls. 

Even more impressive, when using your beater bowl and balloon whisk accessories, you can use from 2 to 20 egg whites when whisking up a meringue and there's virtually no difference between the two! You'll always end up with the same beautifully airy result.

Reason 3: You'll Save Time

It's been said that having an Ankarsrum in your kitchen is like having an extra pair of BIG hands - and we all know that we could use an extra hand every once in a while!

The Open Bowl design allows for you to easily add ingredients without stopping the machine, and it keeps getting better from there! Grow your skills with your Ankarsrum's helpful Accessories, like the Ice Cream Accessory! 

Reason 4: High Quality Assured, After All, It's Hand Tested!

Yes, you heard that right! The Ankarsrum's are assembled by hand, making it a piece of art straight from the heart - from Sweden to your kitchen! Each Ankarsrum Assistent is tested individually before leaving the factory and protected by a 7-Year Manufacturer Warranty on the Motor Assembly & Motor Gear Box. 

Reason 5: It's Quiet AND Stable

We are constantly getting the question of how to get a certain Stand Mixer to stop jumping around on the counter or making an awful noise. And we're sad to say that there really are no fixes because the issue is coming from how the product was built.

The Ankarsrum is built differently - quite literally! The Worm Gear Transmission and strong, but efficient 600 Watt Motor work hand in hand to make your machine work a lot more quietly. And with all of the weight (motor and gearbox) being housed in the base of the machine, your Ankarsrum will stand still on your kitchen counter, even when combining 5kg (11lbs) dough.


Interested in learning more about Ankarsrum? Visit us this weekend October 13-16 to learn more about the Ankarsrum and to see it in action!


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