$5.99 USD
  • Paragon Australian Sea Salt by SaltWorks is a sparkling white, all-natural sea salt, harvested off of the southern coast of Australia.
  • Drawn from the Southern Ocean, a distinctive element of these waters is the Antarctic Bottom Water, the coldest, most highly-ventilated, hypersaline seawater in the world.
  • It is this feature that produces this incredibly clean-tasting, pure sea salt. SaltWorks ensures the pristine quality of this salt using our proprietary quality techniques, such as our exclusive Optically Clean process, ensuring the highest grade all-natural sea salt for food service and manufacturing use.
  • Paragon is a kosher certified sea salt, ideal for use as an ingredient, in spice rubs, at the restaurant table or in a grinder.
  • Available in several grain sizes for wholesale bulk and large volume orders, allowing customers to target the perfect size for every application.
  • Extra Coarse Grain: The large salt crystals of Pure Ocean Extra Coarse grain are best utilized in slow-dissolving applications, such as brines, or for ice cream manufacturers.
  • This size is also a great fit as a gorgeous presentation salt for oysters and other seafood.