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  • Rotary Grater TRANSFORMA® + Mincer Attachment The multi-functional rotary grater with three extra-sharp LASER CUT drums changes vegetables, fruit, chestnuts, cheese, chocolate and nuts into fine flakes or coarse shreds. However, it also reliably and successfully cuts thin slices of cucumbers or potatoes too. The grated and cut food slides down easily out of the tapered drums. A practical plunger makes it easy to add and push more food down. The bayonet fastener easily converts the rotary grater into a mincer. Meat and also vegetables can be ground easily and without much effort with the multi-functional mincer. Perfected technology, such as the specially designed conveying screw, the self-sharpening wing blade and the threading inside, assure excellent results. The sausage funnel not only stuffs sausages but can also easily fill cannelloni. The shortbread-biscuit attachment forms biscuit dough into the right shapes. The extra-high stand allows taller bowls to be placed under this multi-functional tool. The suction base ensures that it will stand securely. Alternatively, you can use the table clamp to affix it to worktops or tabletops which are up to 8 cm (3.15 in) thick.
  • For coarse and fine cutting and for slicing, the multi-functional rotary grater with its extra sharp LASER CUT drums cuts fruit, vegetables, chestnuts, cheese, chocolate, nuts, etc… in no time. 
  • Add the attachment to this versatile tool and it becomes a mincer, which, thanks to its practical accessories, effortlessly grinds meat, chops up vegetables and can even get shortbread biscuits into great shape
  • Rotary grater with 3 extra-sharp LASER CUT drums: for fine flakes, coarse shreds or thin slices,
    • plunger for pushing more food in reliably
    • spatula
    • W 27.5 cm / 10 ¾ in., D 13.5 cm / 5 ¼ in., H 28.6 cm / 11 ¼ in., drum diameter 8.2 cm / 2 ¼ in. 
  • Meat mincer attachment with 2 perforated disks, sausage stuffing funnel and shortbread biscuit attachment
    • easy work thanks to specially designed conveying screw and threading inside
    • self-sharpening wing blade
    • pusher/spanner for adding food and for tightening/loosening the lock nut
    • W 17 cm / 6 ¾ in., D 9.8 cm / 3 ¾ in., H 16.5 cm / 6 ½ in.
  • removable casing
  • high stand so that taller bowls can be placed underneath too
  • bayonet fastener to facilitate changes to other functions
  • with suction stand and extra-high table clamp for worktops up to 8 cm (3.15 in)
  • drums, conveying screw, perforated disks, wing blade, sausage stuffing funnel, shortbread biscuit attachment, casing, pusher and plunger are dishwasher-proof