$15.99 USD
  • Premium natural Acacia wood French rolling pin adds style and functionality to your kitchen or bakery
  • Tapered, handle-free design allows for precise and consistent dough control with maximum maneuverability
  • 20 inch length makes it faster and easier to roll out out pie and pastry dough, as well as cookies, cakes, tarts, quiche, pizza, fondants and more; measures 1.5in diameter at widest point
  • Pressure is applied outward by hands, making rolling delicate dough easier
  • Use fewer strokes, less elbow grease & stop tearing delicate pastry dough
  • Favored by bakers over American-style pins with handles, French pins make rolling pastry dough easier, and provide tactile feedback on dough condition
  • Acacia wood is sustainably harvested from family owned small farms
  • To clean, wipe with soap and water and towel dry promptly
  • Periodically apply butcher block oil to preserve wood