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  • Nuri Spiced Mackerel in Olive Oil is the perfect blend of bold mackerel flavor with a spicy kick, enhanced by the richness of pure olive oil.
  • This limited production artisanal product is handcrafted with care, from the selection of the finest mackerel to the manual wrapping of each can.
  • Nuri Spiced Mackerel in Olive Oil is a product for those who appreciate the art of traditional canning and the quality of premium ingredients. It appeals to connoisseurs of genuine and unique food who understand that a great taste goes beyond just flavor, but also the attention and care put into its production.
  • Nuri is an Arabic word meaning "shine", a symbol of the exceptional quality and brightness of this brand.
  • With a legacy of over 100 years, Nuri Spiced Mackerel in Olive Oil is produced by Pinhais & Cª Lda, a family-owned canning company in Matosinhos, Portugal, that has remained faithful to traditional production methods to ensure the highest quality and flavor.