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  • The Onyx Induction Cooktop is a sleek, portable, and even more versatile induction solition that is safe and easy to use. It quickly heats up cookware and allows you to cook up to twice as fast as traditional cooking surfaces which saves energy, time, and money.
  • The Onyx Induction Cooktop offers a superior cooking solution for any kitchen.
  • Its wide temperature range allows you to complete any cooking task easily, quickly, and safely. It is perfect for anyone interested in induction.
  • The Onyx uses 90% of energy produced, saving you both time and money. It has the ability to cook twice as fast as traditional cooking surfaces with imediate heat adjustments. 
  • There are no flames, heating elements, or gas emission when using induction, keeping the surface cool to the touch. While cooking, avoid accidental adjustments with the safety lock feature that disables the panel controls.
  • The Onyx’s temperature ranges high enough to stir-fry and low enough to melt cheese or chocolate without a double boiler. Its lightweight, portable size makes it an ideal cooking solution for small kitchens, college dorms, campers, and more.
  • 8 Quick Launch buttons: Melt, Warm, Simmer, Rapid Boil, Sauté, Brown, Sear, and Stir-Fry
  • Slanted Panel
  • Built-In Timer