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  • The Charcoal Companion versatile Grill Station marinates, stores, chills and serves food and keeps your BBQ accessories close at hand.
  • The Grill Station includes four essential pieces so you can make one trip out to the grill – carry out your main course, and carry to the table and serve it in a clean, separate tray when cooked.
  • Make one trip out to the grill – carry your raw food, a serving tray for cooked food, and your gear All in one set
  • One tray marked raw and one tray marked cooked lessens risk of cross-contamination
  • Raw tray has ridges in base for marinating food
  • Labeling surface on trays to mark contents and date with dry-erase pen
  • Use trays to keep chilled food cold while serving
  • Accessory caddy hooks on side of tray for easy access to sauces, seasonings, utensils