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  • Add some charisma to your kitchen with the ChicWrap Aluminum Foil Dispenser in the Stainless Steel pattern.
  • Aluminum foil is a must-have for grilling and other types of cooking to retain moisture while cooking and reheating food.
  • This reusable dispenser is designed to be compatible with standard foil rolls and comes with a roll inside for your convenience.
  • This means you can order the ChicWrap refills or use rolls from your local grocery store.
  • The dispenser is made of a pressed composite material with a plastic finish that wipes clean.
  • To make your dispenser even easier to use, it has non-slip feet along the base, so it won’t slip or fall off the counter.
  • Equipped with the Clean-Cut Slide Cutter, this dispenser cleanly slices through foil so you get perfectly even sheets every time.
  • Don’t get frustrated, get the ChicWrap Aluminum Foil Dispenser in the Stainless Steel pattern!
  • Aluminum Foil Dispenser (Stainless Steel) Features:
    • Nonslip feet
    • Made from high-quality composite
    • Plastic finished wipes clean
    • Refill Dimensions 18in x 30 feet
    • Dispenser Dimensions: 2.88in x 20.25in x 2.63in
    • Will hold & cut all foil rolls up to 200 feet in length
    • Includes aluminum foil
    • Clean-Cut Slide Cutter
  • ChicWrap Aluminum Foil is:
    • FDA-Approved
    • Kosher Certified
    • Oven-Safe