$99.99 USD
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  • You are going to want to clear your countertop for this beauty.
  • This small hand juicer is popular in markets all over Mexico.
  • It extracts every drop of juice, while the strainer catches seeds and pulp.
  • The simple, sturdy beauty will be the source of delicious juices for drinking, cooking, and cocktails for decades.
  • Grab a glass.mThe small juicer is perfect for lemons, limes, and small oranges.
  • Our juices jaws are easy on the hands, and hard on your fruit.
  • For large citrus fruits, check out our Large Citrus Juicer.
  • The real deal. Take a walk in any market in Mexico and you will see artisans making juices everywhere.
  • Electric juicers are fine, but this is what your friends and family will rave about.