$24.99 USD
  • 5.7L Bowl Lift Stand Mixer Pouring Shielf 
  • Pouring Shield for 4.8L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer
  • Kitchen Aid Pouring Shield for use with KitchenAid 6 Quart Stand Mixers and the Professional 5 Plus Series as well as 7 & 8 Quart Stand Mixers
  • This part is compatible with the following KitchenAid Mixer models/parts on stainless steel bowls only (pouring shield will not fit on glass bowl) KSM500PS KP2671X KT2651X KD2661X KB26G1X KL26M1X KP26M1X KP2671X KV25G0X KV25G8X KV25H0X KV25MCX KV25MEX KP26M8X KN2B6PEH KB26G1X KT2651X KD2661X KD2661X KSM7586P KSM7588P KSM6521X KSMC895 K5-A (If utilizing a new bowl K5ASB or K5ASBP) - Pouring shield will not fit on the bowl the K5-A originally came with