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  • Rumored to have originated in Brooklyn, NY over 10 years ago the pickleback has exploded in popularity and can even be found in Europe and Asia.
  • A pickleback is a type of drink where a shot of liquor is chased by a shot of pickle brine.
  • The pickle brine works to neutralize the taste of the liquor and the burn of the alcohol.
  • The Pickleback has several aliases including 'Piskey', 'Piskey Whickle', 'Bartender's Handshake' and the 'Shot Eraser'.
  • Van Holten's pickleback uses real honest pickle brine the same stuff we've been making for over 100 years using our original recipe.
  • Use it as a shot chaser or a drink mixer either way it's Dill-icious.
  • However you use Pickleback Mixer, Van Holten's Real pickle brine will make your drink dill-icious!
  • Our brine comes in a 32oz bottle