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  • The Victorinox Fibrox 10in chef knife also known as the French or Cooks knife, is the most important knife in the home or professional kitchen.
  • Whether cutting, chopping, or slicing, no other knife is as versatile as the multi-purpose chef’s knife because it is a designed to perform a variety of common cutting tasks rather than excelling at any one. 
  • The upward curve of the knife’s edge allows for a rocking/chopping motion that allows for fast, fine mincing of small foods such as garlic, herbs, or ginger.
  • The wide, flat blade is also excellent for pressing or smacking garlic cloves and popping them out of their papery husks.
  • The chef knife’s extra width also makes chopping larger vegetables easy because it keeps your knuckles off the cutting board.
  • In a pinch, it will even work for slicing and carving tasks due to its length and fine balance.
  • For optimal cutting performance, try using a chefs pinch-grip which brings greater control and efficiency when you slice, mince, or dice.
  • Before you decide which chef’s knife to buy, hold it in your hand to get a sense of the balance, heft, and feel.
  • The knife needs to feel comfortable because it will be the knife you’ll probably use more than any other knife.
  • Try this Victorinox Fibrox 10in chef knife to transform your bland and ordinary cutting experience into everyday inspiring!