$16.99 USD
  • Ecosmart by Architec Measuring Cup set of 6.
  • Made from recycled bamboo fiber and nonplastic binder.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 1/4C, 1/3C, 1/2C, 2/3C, 3/4C, 1C
  • EcoSmart Cutting Boards, Serveware and Utensils
  • It starts with recycled plastic. EcoSmart by Architec is a line of cutting boards, serveware and utensils all made from recycled materials. The line includes PolyMarble, PolyGlass, PolyCoco, PolyFlask and PolyPaper and each piece is made of 20+ recycled plastic containers and ground glass or byproduct of the agricultrural food industry like ground coconut shells, flax husks or cellulose. The best part each piece is designed and produced right here in the USA in a zero-waste facility! These items are built to last a lifetime, but if you find that you've outlived one of your EcoSmart items, Architec offers a recycling program.