$194.95 USD
  • This premier 9-inch bread knife will quickly become one of the most-used knives in every bread lovers kitchen; crusty or tender, this knife does the trick; can also be used on pastries and cakes
  • Razor-sharp, wide, low frequency serrations allow the user to gently saw through the bread without crushing or tearing and with much less crumbing; gently glide through bread
  • Beautifully crafted steel blade combined with a gorgeous contoured walnut-colored PakkaWood handle that fits with any hand, is beautiful to look at and satisfying to use
  • Shun Cutlery knives are hand-crafted, hand-sharpened and have a strong Japanese heritage; Shuns knives make prep work fun and take a usually mundane task from boring to exciting
  • Perfect knife for any occasion: holiday, house party, family dinner, girls night, supper club, lunch, dinner, wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving, date night, birthday party and more