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  • MIYABI 5000 FCD Gyutoh, 20cm blade.
  • The gyutoh, or chef's knife, is a general purpose knife for the preparation of larger cuts of meat and vegetables.
  • It has a fine carbide steel core which gives the knife very good initial sharpness and cutting edge retention.
  • The core is embedded in 48 layers of steel which create each knife's unique Damascus-design.
  • The symmetrical cutting edge is Honbazuke honed. This three-stage grinding, sharpening and polishing process gives the knife razor-like sharpness.
  • The entire length of the edge can be used to cut as there is no finger guard.
  • Hand wash only for best care and avoid cutting on glass, ceramic or stone boards as these will prematurely dull the edge.
  • Maintain and sharpen using whetstones.
  • Made in Japan