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Watermelon: Inside & Out!

Watermelon: Inside & Out!

With the weather showing no signs of cooling off except for a few storms, we're in need of a little reprieve from the heat! We've got our eye on the summertime favorite: watermelon! 
We love these recipes because it really allows you to use your whole watermelon in a very versatile way! Cut the very top of your melon off & start scooping out your watermelon balls. Once you have 3 cups worth, switch to a larger spoon & feed the watermelon directly into the blender to make the base for your watermelon margarita. 
WAIT! Don't throw out that rind just yet, we're not finished with it! Tap your rind with the Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit for an adorable & eco-friendly way to serve your beverage. 
Don't forget! If you make a recipe, tag us in a picture @inthekitchenpgh for a chance to be featured on our page. Cheers!