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O Olive Oil Inspiration & Serving Suggestions: Main Dishes

O Olive Oils & Vinegars are award-winning products! They have appeared on The Food Network, Iron Chef, Top Chef, ABC Good Morning America, & The Final Table. Additionally featured in Bon Appetit, The New York Times, Saveur & many more. Try them for yourself using the inspiration & serving suggestion guides below!


 O Olive Oils & Vinegars 

Seafood   Pork Poultry

O Meyer Lemon

Grilled mahi-mahi & fresh herbs

Ahi sashimi, ginger & soy sauce

Citrus pork chops & garlic

Rotisserie Chicken

Duck breast stir fry


O Blood Orange Grilled salmon, soy sauce, & white pepper Pork loin & soy sauce Roasted chicken, soy sauce, & ginger

O Roasted Garlic

Grilled shrimp & ginger Char-grilled pork chops Pan seared 

O Fresh Basil

Shrimp pasta & cherry tomatoes

Thai basil stir fry

Asian Noodles

Poached chicken & spring vegetables

O Jalapeno Garlic

Fresh crab


Halibut & smoked paprika

Carnitas tacos 

Stir fry with ginger & soy sauce

Chicken tortilla soup

Chicken tacos


Grilled shrimp & ginger

Marinated scallops

Charcuterie Chicken fricasee


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