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Jalapeño Poppers
The weather is hot, but this snack just might be hotter! If you are lucky enough to have your own garden or a nearby farmers market, you know that jalapenos have hit their stride. While we wait on our tomatoes to catch up so we can make some homemade salsas, we'll make a batch of one of our favorite party apps: Jalapeño Poppers!
This recipe is so easy, you only need 3 ingredients! However, feel free to add whatever you like to put your own flair on it. 


Before we begin, we do advise that you wear plastic prep or latex gloves if available as the seeds & membranes can leave oils on your skin that can burn. If you do not have gloves available, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after cutting & cleaning your peppers.

Start by slicing off the tops of your peppers, de-seed & remove the membrane by using a pepper corer. Slice your jalapeños & set aside. 

 Mix the cream cheese & cheddar cheese (plus your optional additions) until just combined. 

 Using a teaspoon, start filling your pepper   halves with your mixture.

You want to fill each half so that the tops are rounded & will hold your breadcrumbs in the next step. 

   Pour your breadcrumbs out onto a plate & one by one, dip your jalapeños in the breadcrumbs to transform them into delicious poppers!



Ready to snack now? Just pop them in the oven for 7 minutes at 300 degrees or until the cheese is melted & the tops begin to slightly brown.

Or you can pop them into airtight container, separating each row with parchment paper, & store them in your fridge until that craving hits!

Don't forget to share your end result with us by tagging @inthekitchenpgh on social media. We love to see what you are cooking in the kitchen!