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Cocktail & Chill: Our Top TV Show Picks & their Matching Beverages!

We won't beat around the bush... we had a lot planned for 2020, but a lot of our plans got scrapped when we were hit with a once in a lifetime global pandemic. Who can blame us!? Instead, we are spending a lot more time than we had anticipated binge-watching & enjoying a libation or two.... So we wanted to share our knowledge of perfectly-paired cocktails with the perfect tv show for your streaming enjoyment! Cheers & happy watching! 

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Saturday: Last Chance U & An Ice Cold Local IPA

Alright Alright, we just need to come out & say it…. We really miss Football! Actually, just sports in general, especially in the Pittsburgh area with the Penguins being out of the ‘playoffs’ & the Pirates being the Pirates! So relax & unwind with a little bit of America’s favorite sport & a local IPA. May we suggest Thunderhop from the locally based Church Brew Works!
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Sunday: Unsolved Mysteries & a Man-Mosa

This Sunday isn’t just any normal Sunday… today is our buyer, Jodi’s birthday! You won’t catch her in stores today because she’s enjoying her birthday off, but you can spend your day just like Jodi would with her favorite binge-worthy show & cocktail! Cheers to Jodi!


1 oz vodka

¼ c fresh orange juice

3 oz champagne

Compliment your Man-Mosa's with one of the sleek & stemless  Outset Double-Walled Champagne Flutes  
Just simply add your vodka, then orange juice & top with champagne



Monday: Parks & Recreation & a Jalapeno Margarita

It may be a Monday but today we’re taking a page from Tom Haverford’s book. While his rendition of “snake juice” might come across a bit different than ours… there is still that bite to be feared! With Tom Haverford’s cocktail, it was the hangover that followed… with our’s, it’s that spicy jalapeno!




 2 oz tequila
 1 oz triple sec
 ½ lime, seeded & juiced
 ½ jalapeno, cut to thin,     round slices
 Splash of lemonade
 1 lime wedge
 Lime Margarita Salt

 Add all ingredients into a   shaker with ice. Shake until   cold. Fill your Outset   Margarita Glass with ice &   pour your margarita.
 Salt or no salt? If salt on   your margarita is a must,   pick up Lime Flavored   Rimming Salt to take your   Spicy Jalapeno  Margarita to   the next level! Wipe your   lime around the entire rim of   your glass then dip into the   salt.



Tuesday: Peaky Blinders & a Whiskey Sour

Tuesday, August 25 is #NationalWhiskeySourDay, so we're going to celebrate with this classic cocktail & our favorite British gang at the moment... Well, that's a statement we never thought we'd say! But the Peaky Blinders know a thing or two about their whiskey, so, by order of the Peaky Blinders, we demand you enjoy a Whiskey Sour today! 


1 ½ oz irish whiskey
1 dash egg white
Lemon juice
½ oz simple syrup
Optional garnishes:
½ orange wheel
Bada Bing Cocktail Cherries


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Wednesday: RuPaul’s Drag Race & A Raspberry Lemonade Cosmo

2020 just keeps getting worse & worse as more & more of our favorite annual events keep getting cancelled! First Picklesburgh, now Pride!? It’s time we take matters into our own hands here. Get ready, Queens, we’re celebrating Pride from the comfort of our couch this year with RuPaul & cosmos.


1 cup water + 1 c raspberries, smashed, simmered & strained = raspberry juice
 2 oz raspberry juice
 2 oz raspberry liqueur
 4 oz vodka
 ½ lime, juiced
 1 oz simple syrup
 Optional: Garnish with Lemon   Drop Rimming Sugar & fresh   raspberries


 Put all ingredients into your   shaker with ice. Shake until chilled   & strain into your Stainless Steel   Martini Glasses.




 Thursday: The Office & A Meredith Palmer

It’s #ThirstyThursday & the Meredith Palmer in us is coming out. I mean can you blame us? This week has been stressful enough! But luckily for us, we don’t work with a group of people quite like the cast of The Office! While we can’t blow off steam at Pour Richard’s Pub happy hour with Michael Scott & crew, we can take a load off at home with a cold “Meredith Palmer” in our hand instead!


½ lemonade
½ iced tea

 Just simply add all of the ingredients together! That's it. Easy & simple! 





Friday: Red Wine & Gilmore Girls

Friday & #NationalRedWineDay all wrapped up into one day? Sounds like a dream to us! While we would so love to celebrate with a glass of vino out on the town with our gal pals…. We’re just going to settle for a night on the couch with our bffs, our favorite bottle of red, & a charcuterie board to die for & watch Gilmore Girls for probably the 3rd time...
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Saturday: Friends & Whipped Coffee Cocktail

“I’ll be there for you cause you’re there for me too” 🎶🎵 Yes, this is the Friend’s theme song, but also how we feel about coffee! Whipped Coffee is one of the best things that 2020 has given us. This new trend that originated on TikTok as a regular coffee beverage has taken the world by storm! So obviously, the next step was how to make this trendy beverage even better. The answer to that question? Kahlua, of course!
1 tbsp instant espresso powder
1 tbsp granulated sugar
1 tbsp hot water
1 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
2 tbsp kahlua
2 tbsp + ¾ c nut milk (or half & half)

Optional: 1 tbsp fudge sauce
Cocoa powder for dusting
Combine the instant coffee & sugar with a mini whisk, the stir in the hot water & continue to whisk until your coffee mixture has thickened & becomes light in color. Combine the sweetened condensed milk, kahlua, & nut milk, pour into a glass over ice. Top with your whipped coffee mixture & your optional garnishes & sit down on that couch in Central Perk... er, your living room!