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7 Ideas for Basil

7 Ideas for Basil 

The Backyard Gardens in the 'Burgh are out of control after all that glorious rain we received this weekend! If you're like us & grow basil in your backyard (or in your house, who cares!) then you know that they have kicked their production into high gear & we are just trying to keep up. Here are 7 ideas to use, store, & preserve that basil.

1. Classic Pesto

Of course we have to kick off this list with the classic basil dish, pesto! There are so many uses for pesto that pastas & pizzas just begin to scratch the surface. Use it right away, store it in the fridge, or better yet, freeze it using Progressive Freezer Pods.

2. Blackberry Basil Mojito 

These two things can be found plentiful during these hot summer months: blackberries & basil! This Mojito recipe is so simple & quick to make & it's a single-serving recipe so put away that pitcher. The only tools needed to master this beautiful summer cocktail is a muddler!

3. Easy Caprese Salad

A dish so simple, ye so flavorful! A good Caprese Salad always hits the spot. ITK Tip: Instead of topping your salad with extra virgin olive oil, pack that extra punch of flavor by drizzling a Basil Olive Oil instead! Bon Appétit!

4. Grilled Pizza

The best part about these grilled pizzas? They're completely customizable! Whip up a couple of ingredient options for your at home pizza party & let each person create their own. Choose from pizza dough, pre-cooked naan or pita breads, or cauliflower crusts! The options are endless. 

Must have tools for Pizza Night? Herb Scissors for your fresh basil topping & Pizza Scissors to cut that pie!

5. Basil Ice Cream 

This creamy, cool basil ice cream is an herbal twist on an all-time favorite summer dessert! Basil Ice Cream is the perfect follow-up to that grilled pizza you just made. Break out that airtight container holding your frozen treat & dig in! Need the perfect tools? Don't worry, we linked them for you! 
Ice Cream Scoops? Nonstick  or Pointed Scoops! Whichever you like best
Ice Cream Spoons? These blunt edged ones are our top pick! 

6. Garlic Bread Butter

Garlic Bread Butter is the gift that just keeps giving, especially if you make enough ahead of time! Use it to make your garlic bread as a side for your Italian dinner or as an amazing addition to a mozzarella & tomato grilled cheese... The options are endless! Just grab your container of Garlic Bread Butter & go!

7. Citrus Basil Marinade

This marinade is delicious served with chicken or seafood. ITK TIP: Use a rubber basting brush to continuously brush the marinade on your protein while grilling! Looking for a vegetarian twist? This marinade can also be used to marinate tofu & be used as a refreshing salad dressing. 

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