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Polish Pottery @ ITK!

 Polish Pottery is one of the top items for ITK. Our customers come from long distances to get the pieces they want. We have many pieces and they change often. If there are pieces that you are in search of, please call us at 412-261-5513. We will be happy to help you!


Wusthof Classic 7" Santoku

Wüsthof knives

  Tough polypropylene handles with full, visible tangs and the traditional three rivets distinguish Classic knives from Wüsthof's other cutlery lines. Otherwise Classic knives are identical to other Wüsthof knives, embodying all the virtues that have earned the German manufacturer world renown
KitchenAid 5 Quart Artisan Raspberry Ice Stand Mixer

KitchenAid 5 Quart Raspberry Ice Artisan Stand Mixer


 If you love hot pink this is the Stand Mixer for you! The KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer now comes in a shimmering Raspberry Ice shade that will look absolutely stunning in your kitchen! This stylish Stand Mixer also has a 5 quart glass bowl with measurement markings on the side and a comfortable handle

conjure up endless Julienne strips of carrot, radish, cucumber, and all kinds of other firm vegetables

Spirelli Spiral Slicer


With Spirelli you can conjure up endless Julienne strips of carrot, radish, cucumber, and all kinds of other firm vegetables. The 2x3 mm or 3.5x5 mm spirals are perfect to create vegetable stir-fries or pasta dishes.

Rice Cube Sushi Maker



Makes sushi in seconds - no mats or sticky rice required. Squashes ingredients into perfect bite sized cubes!
Works with all rice types, including brown and wild rice.
Can also be used with other foods like polenta, falafel, risotto and to make sweets like cake pops, brownies and fruit and nut squares.
Easy to use, Dishwasher safe, Recyclable, FDA approved Food Safe material.
Comes with simple step by step instructions. Simple enough that children will love using it too.

Zyliss Jumbo Garlic Press Metal

Zyliss Jumbo Garlic Press


The Zyliss Jumbo Garlic Press makes quick work of mincing garlic for your favorite recipe. The handles are ergonomically designed for better leverage and easy squeezing, while the plunger provides maximum pressing while removing the peel and extracting garlic bits and juice

WellnessMats Anti-Fatigue Mats



  Anti-fatigue Mat


 From $119.99

 WellnessMats provide ultimate comfort and safety while you stand. Quality anti-fatigue floor mats for your kitchen, garage, laundry room, and more, are clinically proven to reduce fatigue. These revolutionary anti-fatigue mats are engineered with advanced proprietary Polyurethane Technology. WellnessMats provide maximum cushioned support and well-being – up to 50% more comfort than other leading brands.


3 x2, 6 x 2, 6 x 3, and 5 x 4

Colors: Brown, Tan, Black, Burgundy, and Grey

Moscow Mule Mug

Moscow Mule Mug


 A classy retro copper mug, this is the tradtional mug for serving the Moscow Mule, a popular drink that overtook Hollywood in the 1940's when vodka was newly becoming all the rage in the U.S.. The Moscow Mule was originally made from ginger brew, vodka and lime juice, mixed with ice, and chilled in the copper mug, but there are many popular varitions today. You can embrace your adventurous spirit in the tradition of the Inventors of the Moscow Mule, and mix up your own variations of this drink and more in this stylish and sturdy mug made from solid copper, lined in tin with solid brass accents.


Silicone Lids by Charles Viancin


Charles Viancin Silicone Lids

From $8.99-$18.99

These whimsical silicone lids by Charles Viancin are the new alternative to plastic wrap! Create a super-strong airtight seal instantly when you place any of these smooth silicone lids on a smooth surface such as metal, glass, plastic, melamine, wood and more. They're also suitable for oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer use.

Lodge Cast Iron Combo Cooker


Lodge Cast Iron® Combo Cooker


  • Hand wash. Dry immediately.
  • Rub with a light coat of vegetable oil after every use.
  • You may experience some sticking with new cookware so use a little oil when cooking.
  • Mild soapy water is fine, if you dry and oil immediately.
  • Lodge seasoned cast iron is right at home on any heat source, except the microwave.